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Holographic advertising: eyeball economy era, offline advertising revolutionaries

Traditional forms of advertising and carrier, has become increasingly unable to meet the existing brand value and appeal reflected. Brand of visual and creative ideas to convey, more and more attention by the brand, pay more attention to accurate content to show services. Display content without creativity, visual communication without innovation, has become a line of advertising industry real pain point.

LedColorful in this industry background, the first to launch holographic display system, the use of human vision POV principle to achieve holographic floating display technology, not only in any venue projection of holographic images of all-round display products of the three-dimensional image, Its innovative form of expression can quickly access the user's eye to increase the brand's transmission efficiency.

LedColorful holographic advertising system, as a holographic three-dimensional marketing, is a user needs and product content can be a high degree of integration of personalized products, dynamic presentation, cross-screen interaction, sales diversion and other rich forms of advertising Into the content to show itself, for the customer to achieve a full range of holographic advertising three-dimensional marketing, enhance the brand return.

LedColorful holographic advertising system, to overcome the existing traditional advertising display of the various drawbacks: such as the form of expression is not rich enough, lack of information; not new; less attractive to the visitors; and the content of the monotony, production replacement costs High variety of deficiencies. Breaking the traditional static advertising no entertainment, the traditional streaming media advertising no new industry phenomenon.

LedColorful holographic advertising machine display system is a holographic three-dimensional display form, dazzling scene model gives a visual impact; expression of new, very intuitive, impressive.

In the rapid development of science and technology today, advertising effectiveness of marketing, belonging to the first line of contact with consumers, the use of good holographic advertising technology, into the advertising creative, there will be more new holographic advertising are played. In today's mobile Internet environment, the core of successful marketing is that you can play "new".

Holographic technology to subvert the world, is also changing the world, LedColorful so that technology into life!




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