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The development of holographic advertising display

Holographic concept is not on paper, to achieve the entire advertising holographic intelligence is not a dream. This small device to a full range of real details of the various products to achieve three-dimensional floating effect, so that your ads have shock holographic effect.

3D Holographic Aadvertising Display is small, easy to install, the application of the field is a wide range of radiation, can truly present the details of the goods in the food, clothing, jewelry accessories, cars, any industrial products, characters and cartoons, as well as for details or internal structure. Need to be truly presented items, can be widely used. Make your ads holographic.

3D Holographic Aadvertising Display is to allow advertising to have a more innovative presentation, to replace the traditional form of advertising, and can solve the ordinary billboard period is short, energy consumption, waste and more problems.

3D Holographic Aadvertising Display to support the holographic images and video display, and can be replaced at any time according to demand digital content; to achieve cool holographic suspension effect, to the customer shocking experience, impressive. And then let the audience more willing to take the initiative to share the spread, expand the scope of communication, improve the efficiency of transmission. For the commercial information display is very favorable in all industries have a high degree of universality, can quickly increase brand efficiency and enhance sales.

3D holographic advertising machine installation specific size can be flexibly set according to demand. Not only can be achieved in the form of digital content display objects, objects and logo, the reproduction of large-scale venues and a comprehensive display of the environment can be wonderful show; also help in large shopping malls, stores, bars, cinemas, And other applications to help businesses for the transaction drainage, to expand the spread.

3D Holographic Aadvertising Display is a holographic technology services in various sectors of a major tool, the first in the mutual entertainment to lead a new trend, leading outdoor advertising into a new era.

Go all out to work for customers to create a new shock of advertising transmission; the formation of the Internet era to the holographic core of the strong intelligent network era.

Holographic technology to subvert the world, is also changing the world, so that technology into life.




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