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About Holographic Technology

Holographic technology The first step is to use the principle of interference to record the object light wave information, that is, the shooting process:

The other part of the laser as a reference beam shot on the holographic film, and the material beam superposition of interference, the object light waves on the point of the phase and amplitude into space in the space The intensity of the change, so that the use of interference between the fringes between the interval and the object of light all the information recorded.

Recorded in the interference fringed film after the development, fixing and other processing procedures, it becomes a hologram, or holographic photos; the second step is the use of diffraction principle to reproduce the object light wave information, which is the imaging process:

The hologram is like a complex grating. In the case of coherent laser irradiation, a linearly recorded sine-type hologram diffraction light wave generally gives two images, the original image (also called the initial image) and the conjugate image. Reproduce the image three-dimensional sense of strong, with a real visual effect.

Each part of the hologram records the optical information of each point on the object, so in principle it can reproduce the entire part of the original image, through multiple exposure can also be recorded on the same film a number of different images, And can not show each other without interference.




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