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Holographic imaging of high-tech, very attractive to consumers eye, left a deep impression, and willing to share to Facebook、Twitter、Google+  and so on, expand the scope of communication, improve the efficiency of transmission.

Easy installation: 3D Hologram Advertising Display can be based on existing building or installation location space to modify the hardware system and structure, is conducive to a variety of buildings and urban space in the permanent installation.

Content and diverse: 3D Hologram Advertising Display can be replaced at any time according to demand digital content, our team of professional operation will be your perfect display of the strong backing.

Product principle

LED light bar rotation display, the use of human eye retention principle, resulting in graphics, animation or video.

Because of its no border and background, so that people feel the image is 3D floating, so called holographic advertising machine.

Main application areas: Applicable to large shopping malls, stores, bars, cinemas, elevators and other traditional advertising applications. Help businesses attract traffic, spread, share advertising content. Suitable for the performance details or internal structure of the rich individual items, such as watches, cars, jewelry, industrial products, but also the performance of characters, cartoons, etc., to the audience feel is completely surfaced in the air, the specific size can be flexible according to customer requirements set.

Technical means: To display the contents of digital content, objects or logo, suitable for large-scale venues of the image reproduction and image display exhibition environment.




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