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About us

LedColorful is the company that specialized  engaged in LED processing and trading for advertising industry.

In order to better enhance the effectiveness of advertising, LedColorful develops and manufactures the 3D Hologram Advertising Display.

Use of LED light bar rotation, thus forming graphics, animation and video, let customers feel is 3D suspension.

Indoor advertising for shop, bar, casino, restaurant etc. Such as watches, cars, jewelry, industrial products, but also the performance of characters, cartoons and so on

For years, we’ve transformed the way people interact with their surroundings forever,and always on the improvrment of product quality and cost reduction to pay back to all customers.

Welcome to a new 3D world  to take your breath away.




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Email: sales@ledcolorful.com

Add: No. 1082, Middle Of Zhongshan Road, Tianhe Dist., Guangzhou, China

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